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        LEECH THERAPY   (Hirudo Therapy )
    Leech therapy is an effective natural healing           method.
Leeching is one of the oldest treatment methods around. It has survived for more than 2000 years since the beginnings of scientific medicine.
       Compared to conventional pharmacological and interventional treatment modalities, leech therapy has a very broad range of uses in various fields of medicine.
Leech saliva contains a range of bioactive substances that exert manifold pharmacological efects.
      What role does leech therapy play in modern medicine?
       Medical use of leeches has a long and fascinating tradition.
 In ancient Egypt at the time of the pharaohs as well as in classical Greco-Roman civilisation, leech therapy was widely practised.
       In the 19th century, when leech therapy was at is peak, it suffered a severe setback due to exesses of an exaggerated form of leech therapy known then as "vampirism". The bias in favour of treatment with medicines gradually led to neglect of traditional healing methods. Leech therapy was nearly forgotten after World War 2, not to be recovered until the 1990's
    What happens during leech therapy?
       Treatment normally lasts anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Depending on the exact indications , a single treatment is often sufficient. Treatment begins by placing the leech on a pre-selected spot on the skin. The leech afixes itself to the skin by means of suction, then uses its minuscule teeth to cut its way into the skin.     
     This process is largely painless , as the leech most likely secretes a painkilling substance. During the subsequent sucking process
( 15 to 90 min), the leech releases further active substances into the skin.    Once the process is completed, the leech will drop off its own accord. The bite wound may continue to bleed for a further 12 to 24 hours due to calin, an active substance. During this period , the wound must be bandaged with absorbent material.       
      The period of time between treatment and manifestation of the healing effect is variable, but it often starts immediately after treatment and frequently lasts for months.
Skin Diseases
-Carbuncles and furuncles
-Age spots
-Hair loss
-Eczema, psoriasid
Women's Health
-Infections and inflammatory diseases
-Chronic uterine and appendage diseases
    -General skin concerns
    -Blood vessel disease of brain and spinal cord
    -Spinal osteochondrosis
    -Neuropathies of skull, brain and cranial nerves
    -Neuritis, neurosis, neuralgia, insomnia
    Cardio-Vascular Diseases:
    -Ischemic heart disease
    -High blood pressure
    -Myocardial infarct
    -Poor blood circulation
    -Pre stroke or post stroke conditions
    -Lower extremity arterial disease
    -Arterial and vein thrombosis
    -Kidney stones
    -Kidney disease
    -Chronic prostate problems
    -Varicose veins in testicles, etc
    -Broken skin
    -Haematoma, oedema
    -Skin and tissue transplantation
    Ear, Nose and Throat diseases
    -Vestibular neuritis
    -Nose and sinus diseases
    -Chronic tonsillitis
    -Detached retina
    -Inlfamatory eye disease
    -Eye injuries
    -Chronic gastritis
    -Peptic ulcer
    -Bowel problems
    Breathing system
    -Bronchial asthma
           Leech therapy has over the centuries established itself as a natural healing method and is today recognized as a modern method of treatment with a broad spectrum of effective applications showing a high level of safety.
    -Backpain Treatments
    -Treatment of sport injuries
    -Mobilisation, post-and pre operative  treatment
    -Trainings therapy and neuro musculat treatments
    -Lymphatic massage
     - Orthopaedic manual therapy
     -Cranio sacral techniques and mobilisation of joints
     - Myofascial release
     - Soft tissue mobilisation
    -Respiratory diseases like bronchitis
    -Digestive diseases , gastritis
    -Shoulder pain loin and head pain
    -Gynaecological disorders, uterine cramps
    -Cold, frozen shoulder
    -Insomnia, acne, urticaria
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                     -General well being
                     -Boost your Energy
                     -Cleanse and detox your Body
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